Cost Breakdown

Portion of Cow Cost /lb (Hanging Weight) Hanging Weight Total Cost Meat Yield Price /lb Freezer Space
1/4 $4.95 130 lbs. $643.00 87 lbs. $7.43 3–4 ft3
1/2 $4.75 260 lbs. $1235.00 173 lbs. $7.13 6–8 ft3
Whole $4.55 520 lbs. $2366.00 347 lbs. $6.83 12–16 ft3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hanging Weight?

  • Hanging weight represents the weight of the eat as it hangs in the meat cooler after it has been skinned, gutted, and cleaned, but before it is aged and processed into individual cuts. Excess and fat and bone are removed during the cutting.

What is the difference between Take Home and Hanging Weight?

  • The Take Home Weight is the weight of the meat yielded after is has been processed into cuts. This is usually about two thirds of the hanging weight.

What happens to the remaining third of Hanging Weight?

  • A lot of weight is lost during the dry aging process, when moisture evaporates. All good quality beef is dry aged because it enhances the flavor and tenderness. Our beef is aged for at 10 days. Supermarket meat is almost always wet aged; which means moisture is not allowed to evaporate. With this method of aging, you pay for the water and do not get the benefit of dry aging.
  • The rest of the weight difference between the Hanging and Take Home weight is the fat and bones. Remember that grass-fed beef is lean, so there is not much fat to waste!