Grass-Fed Beef

Beef can be custom cut to your specifications, and is available as a whole, half or quarter. Each will include a variety of cuts, including steaks, roasts, and ground beef. All cuts will be labeled and frozen in individual packages. Customers are welcome to provide specific cutting instructions, otherwise the butcher will do a standard cut.

Pricing is based on hanging carcass weight, allowing you full flexibility in how to have it cut. For those wanting smaller quantities, we also offer individual cuts.

Price Breakdown & Frequently Asked Questions

Grass-Fed Beef (Hanging Weight)

Price /lb
Whole Cow $4.55
Half Cow $4.75
Quarter Cow $4.95

Ribs & Roasts

Price /lb
London Broil $9.00
Round Roasts $7.50
Chuck Roasts $7.50
Short Ribs $7.00
Brisket $8.50


Price /lb
Shanks $5.50


Price /lb
Rib Steak / T-Bone Steak $17.00
Boneless Strip Steak $17.00
Filet $23.00
Sirloin Steak $13.00
Flank Steak $16.00
Skirt Steak $16.00
Sandwich Steak (Thinly Sliced) $9.50

Ground Beef

Price /lb
Ground Beef (One lb Package) $6.50


Price /lb
Liver $5.00

Ordering Information

  • To order, you may either call, email, or stop by our farm-stand on the weekends to pick up.
  • Vernon Valley Farm accepts both cash and checks.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of our business we may not always have items in stock, so to ensure you get everything you are looking for, please call or email us ahead of time to make arrangements.
  • All orders must be picked up at the farm as we are unable to ship meat products.